Saturday, October 6, 2018

Banyuwangi point of interest

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Banyuwangi city is located on the eastern tip of Java island, and is in the west of Bali island which is limited by Bali strait only.

So that in Banyuwangi point of interest can be visited the program as in the island of Bali.There are some beautiful beaches in Banyuwangi which is visited by many foreign tourists is the red island beach. With the name of the red beach because it will look very beautiful at the time of the afternoon and there is a small island located not far off the beach it will be red because of the sunset. This beach has white sand located along the beach and is a beautiful and comfortable place to relax while watching the waves coming crashing. Because it faces the Indonesian ocean, then the waves that come swept the beach can be as high as 2 meters or more. Will be an interesting place for surfers, because it has high and long waves.

Because of the good beach conditions that make this place as a place for surfing competitions held by the city government of Banyuwangi almost every year.

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